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you've come to the end of town

"he wants you he called you cute. Come on ill shout you a drink"

ooh geeze, you convinced me, better go then

its 3am
I just had a dream that i was at the park by my house by myself. I had a shopping cart and i was running up and down the parking lot with it, then jumping in it, feeling the wind play with my hair. I do this a few times, opening my arms, feeling the sun hit my face before i decide to leave.

I walk around a corner and i hear a noise and turn and a dirty blonde, yellow jumper, tall man is running at me with a knife. He stabs me on the left side of my chest and i fall backwards, everything is black and oozing and warm. -Normally, when you die suddenly in a dream, you wake up, but i was still there, just dead. I didn’t even have time to scream. Everything is black and i feel this pressure-then-no-pressure (like a dentist playing with a numb tooth) on my left thigh where the man has begun stabbing.

But the scariest thing is not that it was exactly like the park by my house, or that i got stabbed and died. It was the mans scream. The change from wind and birds and gravel suddenly broken by a knife-welding, drowning zombie wail was the scariest part

well that went bad fast.

a bird just died in my hands and I’m not going to queenstown.

ok my knee has been twitching for like 6 days
like wtf do i do to make it staaaahp